Unit 14 Assignment 2

Points & vehicle damage

Points are added up and reduced

Vehicle damage is added up & can be repaired, a damaged vehicle will drive slower (dynamic speed limiter)


: Avoidance

: Hitting

Collect power-up


: Hitting

Vehicle Speed

: Keep speed above 10 for 20 seconds (or until stop line)

Stop line

A 3 second countdown will appear, followed by a line on the road,
the car must be stopped before that line, the closer the car is to the line
the more points are awarded. The minimum speed is reduced to 5, after which
the vehicle will stop, points calculate and the game will resume.


  • 20 points

Speed camera

A 3 second countdown will start and then a speed camera will move down the
road with a line to show the detection point, the car must be moving at or
below the speed limit.

At or below limit

    • 10 points

At or below limit (brake lights on)

    • 5 points

Above speed limit

:: 1-5 mph

:: 10-20 mph

:: 20+ mph